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Artist Interview, Voyage ATL

October 07, 2019

Interview with Java Magazine: Three Young Artists To Watch

January 01, 2020

Artist Interview: The Midway Gallery, SF

May 25, 2018

Arizona Biennial 2018

January 01, 2020

Houston Art & Culture, Light Charmer

January 01, 2019


September 20, 2017

Like most art forms, neon bending is a male-dominated field, and Pataky chose artists who have overcome this challenge and create work that stands out. Conceptual content and messaging is key to these artists’ work, stretching beyond neon’s traditional applications and exploring light as an art form.


June 02, 2017

An exhibition of work inspired by the technology, aesthetic, and society of the digital age.
The Internet and other forms of communication sharing are transforming society, improving our mutual understanding, eliminating power differentials, and helping to realize a truly free and democratic world society.
This exhibition will explore the implications and influence of our digital society through work from national and internationally acclaimed visual and performance artists.

James Bridle (London, UK)
Rachel Haddish + Shalom Gorewitz (New Jersey)
Jonas Lund (Sweden)
Nicole Ruggiero (NY)
Casey Kaufman (LA)
Lucia Riffel (Soup Experimental, FL)
Sabre Esler (ATL)
Lily Reeves (Phoenix, AZ)
Josh Yoder (ATL)
Joe Bigley (ATL)
Dale Adams (ATL)
Nathan Sharratt (ATL)
Audrey Dakin (San Antonio, TX)
Luann Shermann (NY)
Tyler Mann (ATL)
Jason Thomas (ATL)

Phoenix New Times Public Art Highlight

February 02, 2017

Link to the Slideshow:

Phoenix New Times / Best of October

October 31, 2016

Thank you Lynn Trimble for featuring my piece, Reincarnation / Osmosis in Phoenix New Times!! I have to say, I can't remember why I said I had any idea of 'what it means to be alive' - I think I have too many existential crises to have a handle on that right now.

Check out the article below:

Parables of the Virtual - Fine Arts Complex

October 02, 2016

Come see 'Requiem for Clarity' installed at Fine Arts Complex 1101 in Tempe, AZ. The show is up until Oct. 23rd! 

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